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How to: Preparing quotation templates using Microsoft Word Content Control Toolkit


Microsoft Word Content Control Toolkit creates binding content controls to the XML data in your Microsoft Word documents. To demonstrate this, you must first have a valid custom XML file saved to your hard disk drive. Build a document template with content controls and map the content controls with the XML data using this toolkit.


The XML file "EOrdWordMerge.xml" must be ready in …\Exact Software\docs.

Creating content controls using the Developer tab

1. Start Microsoft Word 2010.

2. To display the Developer tab:

a)    In the File tab, click the Options button.

b)    Click the Customize Ribbon button.

c)    Under Customize the Ribbon…, select the Developer check box.

d)    Click OK to close the Word Options dialog.

3. Under the Developer tab, click Rich Text Content Control Description: https://employees.exact.com:443/docs/DocBinBlob.aspx?ID=%7b6e422a38-b69b-41ad-a483-aeb0b1bf24bd%7d on the top toolbar.

4. Highlight the control and click the Properties button in the controls group of the developer toolbar.

 Description: https://employees.exact.com:443/docs/DocBinBlob.aspx?ID=%7b68c0f0e9-d14b-4b22-8577-8c2563fe7653%7d

Please take note when doing this in Microsoft Office 2013:-

Do not add the content control by using the XML Mapping pane, because doing so, any editing done in Word Content Control Toolkit will not take in effect in Word Merge.
XML Mapping pane

5. Type a name for the control.

Description: https://employees.exact.com:443/docs/DocBinBlob.aspx?ID=%7bfd179b6c-a496-4419-a9be-be50aa145773%7d

6. Add four rich-text content controls in the following order:

·         Company Name

·         Address Line1

·         Address Line2

·         Postcode

7. To display the content controls in multiple lines, place each content control into a table, as displayed in the following:

Description: https://employees.exact.com:443/docs/DocBinBlob.aspx?ID=%7b26490fc1-f606-436a-be7f-85d6e01488ca%7d

8. Save the document as c:\CRMQuotation.dotx. For a sample of quotation template, refer the attached document.

Mapping content controls with XML data

1. Open the document using the Word 2007 Content Control Toolkit.

Description: https://employees.exact.com:443/docs/DocBinBlob.aspx?ID=%7bd5772d37-66f7-4992-a4df-025ff57c2c79%7d

2. Click the Create a new Custom XML Part hyperlink. Click the Edit View tab and open "EOrdWordMerge.xml".

Description: https://employees.exact.com:443/docs/DocBinBlob.aspx?ID=%7b9b5a76a3-2b0a-49d3-8357-f8da5fc8b1d4%7d

3. Next, click the Bind View tab and drag nodes from the tree on the right to the appropriate control on the left. Note that you need to select the node before dragging it.

Description: https://employees.exact.com:443/docs/DocBinBlob.aspx?ID=%7b905d7727-55f8-42e8-9594-f9bba1f37e70%7d

4. To display the content controls in multiple lines, select the node and drag it to appropriate control. There are only three items supported by the multiple lines:

·         OrderLine

·         ExtraCharge

·         PaymentTerm

5. Double click the control to display the Properties dialog. Define the XPath as "/Quotation[1]/OrderLine[index]/LineNumber[1]".

6. Save the document after all the controls are mapped.

7. Open the template CRMQuotation.dotx. Under Add-Ins, click Exact Globe Next and save the template.

8. The quotation template will be created in Exact Globe Next.

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