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Creating new accounts (1)



Creating accounts is very easy. The only field that is mandatory is the account name. Once filled you can save the account. However when you want to create an account of the type 'customer' or 'Not validated' this is a bit more complicated because this depends on the settings in [CRM, Maintenance, Other, Settings]. You can find more information in document 'Create new account (2) '.



Two ways you can create an account:

  1. In the left menu using icon  .
  2. In [CRM, Entry].


The shown entry screen depends on specific settings as described in document 'Create new account (2)'. In case the account list is shown you can select one of the hyperlinks to create an account. As you will notice the entry screen of all types are similar with one exception: the entry screen of prospect. Again this depends on the settings in [CRM, Maintenance, Other, Settings].


Sales process accounts


Although the order of the account list is different than the description below an explanation is given about the use of different account types. The explanation is meant to give you an impression however you might decide to use it in a different way. The first part describes the use of different account type in a sales process. The second part all other accounts not used in a sales process.


Not validated

This type is not listed in the account list but instantly shown when settings are defined as explained in 'Creating 'Not validated' accounts' above. Not validated accounts are also created when a web guest enters account information in the CRMNewquestion_En.asp . This page is used when a web guest likes to have additional information about a product, service, marketing activities, etc. But before this information is given to the web guest it should announce itself to you by giving the company name, addresses, etc. To allow web guests to enter account information create a link to this page (asp) in one of the websites that can be approached by anonymous users.

Not validated accounts are also created when a reseller creates a new account. In the reseller portal this is the only type shown in the account list.


Not validated account should first be validated before changing into a different type. You first checks if the account name already exits in e-Synergy. If not the account can be changed into a different type. If it already exist then you can choose to merge the account data with the existing account. In this scenario you will have a selection screen that allows you to choose the data to be merge. The other scenario is to merge the accounts without merging the data because no selection is made which means the merge will delete the not validated account.



This account can be used when accounts are imported using the xml upload functionality. In example you bought a database that includes accounts from an external organization and imported this in e-Synergy. Yet they are not a customer but have the potency to be in future. The next action for sales employees could be to call these accounts to try to make an appointment.



This account type is used when the account is contacted by phone, email, etc. In short, when commercial activities are deployed for the accounts the status could be changed into 'Lead'.



The account indicates that he or she intends to buy one of your products in the near future. Sales forecast requests can be used to register the needs of the prospect. Sales forecast requests can be created instantly when entering account data. Again this depends on the settings in [CRM, Maintenance, Other, Settings]. Using the sales forecast requests allows you to run a 'Sales forecast report'. In this report the sales forecast amounts (future revenue) are calculated based in the entered requests.


Background processes: Under construction



The account bought one of our products and/or services. Depending on the settings as described in document 'Create new account (2)' there are two scenario's to create an account:


    1. when option 2 is chosen in document 'Create new account (2)' an account of type 'Customer' can be created when it fulfills the criteria:
      • a debtor code in section 'Financial' is created in the prospect account card.
      • a contract is created for the prospect. As soon the contract is created the type is changed into 'Customer'.
    2. when option 3 is chosen in document 'Create new account (2)' an account of type 'Customer' can be created instantly without creating a contract first.



When the customer has a service item in the contract, the customer will receive the status Active. Customers with a valid contract without a service item will get the status Passive. Customers without a valid contract will get the status In-active.


Background processes: Under construction.


Other accounts



The account has a special non product related relation ship with your company. An associate is in almost all cases a person. This person can work for a company. It's sometimes difficult to draw a line between customers, suppliers, associates and resellers.  

Rule is that when the relationship is product or service oriented the associate is a customer or supplier. When the associate is responsible for support and selling products to customers it is a reseller. When the associate is on the payroll of your company the associate is an employee.

Examples of associates:

  • Members of the board (preferred is type employee).
  • Investors (preferred is supplier, because supplier of funds/capital).
  • Your competitors.


Background processes: Under construction.



The account delivers one or more service or product to your company.


Background processes: Under construction.




The account sells and supports your products which means that the reseller manages one or more customers with the status reference or active, for at least one of our products. Every reseller has a contract. This contract states what you expect from your reseller and what they will receive from you while supporting and selling our products.

Resellers take care of all our indirect sales channel.


Background processes: Under construction.



A division is part of your company that serves as an independent company. The division can deliver and sell its own product and services and therefore can act like a reseller for customers.



A bank is an account that is a special supplier for you. A bank supplies a service to your company: banking service. 

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