E-WMS - Pivot Point ('Manual input qty above')



This document describes the functionality of Pivot point or 'manual input quantity' (Dutch: 'omslagpunt').



Pivot point is intended to make the scanning process faster when you scan smaller quantities, or to be very precise on the quantity of the items.
When enabled, the manual input of 'quantity' is skipped and scanning 1 item barcode means '1 picked'.

Pivot point can be enabled in the scanner settings in Exact Globe menu System, E-WMS, Scanners for the following processes:

  • Sales Order Fulfillment (separate settings for standard and batch items)
  • Receipts (separate settings for standard and batch items)
  • Replenishment (one setting for standard and batch items)
  • Production Issues (one setting for standard and batch items)

Pivot Point only works in Sales Order Fulfillment when using CAB hand terminal client.


  1. The Pivot Point quantity (the point where Pivot Point is enabled or not) is based on the original quantity to pick per advice line, so is not dynamic during picking.
    In the sample scenario below, the Pivot Point for item2 will still not be activated after fulfilling quantity 2 of total 12 (and theoretically reaching pivot point '10')

  2. When using Route Optimizing the order line may be split in separate picking lines (because of batches and locations).
    Pivot Point is based on the quantity in the advice line, not on the quantity in the order line.

  3. When using WMS scan codes with alternate factors, the rules depend on your Exact Globe version:
    - before product update 401, scanning one scan code still results in '1 picked' and not in '1x factor picked'.  In other words: using alternate factors was not supported when using Pivot Point.
    - from product update 401, the scan code factor is applied when using Pivot Point and scanning a scan code
  4. When using pivot point with batch items, the 'pivot point' is still based on the item code. This means your scan flow in order picking (and when quantity 5 to pick) would be:
    location - item - item - item - item - item - batch
  5. Pivot Point is not intended to work with 'divisible' items or quantities with decimals. From product update 402, Pivot Point will be automatically disabled (for that picking line) when picking a divisible item.
  6. Pivot Point is not intended to work with EAN128/HIBC barcodes with also contain a quantity. In that case, using Pivot Point would not even be necessary.
    When scanning such a bar code in product update 401 or higher, Pivot Point will be disabled and return to normal flow.

  7. When using EAN128 or HIBC bar codes which include a quantity, and Pivot Point is enabled, the quantity picked is '1' and not the quantity from the bar code (yet)
  8. When using Pivot Point on a ASP hand terminal, the transaction is not written to the RF tables until the whole line is picked (and not aborted using the Line Ready button) or you indicated by pressing the Continue button that you want to scan another item (random scanning).
  9. When the setting 'Quantity: Purchase units' (introduced in product update 404) is enabled, then the configured pivot point quantity is matched with the quantity in purchase units.
    When this setting is disabled, the pivot point is based on the quantity in sales units.
  10. If you want to pick less than advised using Pivot Point, you should use the NEXT button:   (or in ERF: )
    This way, you can end this picking line the right way, and E-WMS will ask you if you want to close the line, or continue picking this line later.

    Using the Line Ready button in ERF client, while still within a Pivot Point transaction, means that you abort the transaction, setting 'quantity picked' to zero.

  11. When working with random item scanning and pivot point, like in Receipts with setting 'Guided flow'='Random scan',  you have to press the 'NEXT' button    (or in ERF),
    to indicate that you are done with the current item and want to continue with a next (random) item.

    As long as ENTER is given after a scan (by the scanner or manual) then you will add '1 scanned' to the current item, but that same item is also expected again (item code is shown on next scanning screen).

    So to be able to scan another item, you first have to press the 'Continue' button.

    The transaction is only written to the WMS RF tables when pressing the Continue button (also see '8' above).

  12. When using the E-WMS CAB client, pivot point only works in Sales order fulfillment (only setting 'Pivot point' and not 'Pivot point batch')



Sample settings screen for Sales Order Fulfillment in menu System, E-WMS, Scanners, Sales Order Fulfillment:

(this screen is from product update 401, in earlier versions the term Pivot Point will be shown as 'Manual input qty above')

Pivot Point quantity

Quantity 0 (zero): pivot point is disabled
Quantity 1 or higher: when the advised quantity for the line to be picked, is smaller or equal to this quantity, then input of quantity is skipped and each scan of the item = quantity 1 picked.

In Sales Order Fulfillment and Receipt settings, this setting is applied to standard (non batch) items only.
In Replenishment and Production Issues, this setting applies to standard and batch items.

When using the hand terminal CAB client, this setting is used both for standard and batch items (Sales order fulfillment only).

Pivot Point batch

This setting is only available in Sales Order Fulfillment and Receipt settings, and works the same as 'Manual input qty above', but is only applied when scanning a batch item (ASP only).

Sample scenario

Sales Order Fulfillment pivot point is set to '10'.

The sales order has following order lines:

1. standard item 1       quantity 10
2. standard item 2       quantity 12
3. batch item 3             quantity  8

The order lines are sent to the hand terminal to be picked :

  • When scanning item1, input of quantity is skipped. Each scan of 'item1' results in '1 picked'
  • When scanning item2, the quantity has to be put in manually
  • When scanning item3, input of quantity is skipped. Each scan of 'item2' results in '1 picked'

On the hand terminal, the first line for standard item 1 (1000G) is selected, the location is scanned, and the first item code is scanned.

The screen remains at input of 'item code' and indicates that 1 out of 10 is scanned, still 9 to scan. Each scan of the item code adds '1 picked'.


Five more items are scanned, but then it turns out that the remaining expected stock is not available, so only 6 items can be fulfilled right now.

To continue with this line, you can now either press the NEXT button or press the STOP button. Both buttons have the same effect at this point when 'pivot point' is enabled, and will start the 'scanned less' dialogue. You can now close this line (the remaining 4 will not be picked anymore), or answer 'No', in the latter case you will return to the start of the picking screen for this item.

In this case, the line is closed and scanning continues for the batch item.


First the location is scanned, then the item code. After scanning the item 8 times in total, input of the batch number is required.

For the third item, the quantity to pick is 12, more than the pivot point setting (10); so for this item the quantity just has to be entered:

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