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Creating and maintaining items - Activity tab

This screen is displayed when the Activity tab is clicked in the item maintenance screen (go to Inventory ➔ Items ➔ Maintain, select an item, and then click Open or New. In this tab, you can obtain details of the sales order, sales invoice, and other transactions as well as receipts of your warehouses.


Transaction section

The transaction(s) that matches the defined criteria will be displayed at Transactions after you have clicked Refresh.


Select the type of transactions of the item to be displayed. The following options are available:

  • Quotation
  • Sales order
  • Invoices
  • Sales order history
  • Invoice history
  • Production orders
  • Transfer
  • Fulfillment
  • Counts
  • Purchase order
  • Blanket PO
  • Blanket order


Select Open or All to display the status of the transaction type.

Date: From

Type or select a date or a date range to display transaction(s) created on the selected date.


Click Select to select a warehouse. A green check mark is displayed if you have selected a warehouse.

Click Refresh to display the results based on the defined criteria.


Click  Details to view the quotation, sales order, sales invoice, invoice history, production order, or purchase order depending on the type of transaction selected at Type.

Note: This icon is enabled only if you have selected Quotation, Sales order, Invoices, Sales order history, Invoice history, Production orders, Purchase order, or Blanket PO at Type and there is a transaction displayed at Transactions.

Receipts section

The receipt(s) that matches the criteria will be displayed Receipts after you have clicked Refresh.


Select the warehouse to display details of the receipts belonging to the selected warehouse. By default, All is selected to display details of the receipts belonging to all warehouses.

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