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Creating and maintaining selection codes


In Exact Globe, you can create and maintain selection codes. Selection codes are used to create subdivisions within your invoices and/or orders. For every subdivision, you can allocate a specific code. Go to System ➔ Logistics ➔ Selection codes, and click New to create a new selection code, or click Open to view or edit a selection code.

Menu path 

System ➔ Logistics ➔ Selection codes


Selection code
Type a unique code for the new selection code. When editing an existing selection code, you cannot change the selection code.

Type a brief description for the selection code. You can also edit the description for an existing selection code. 

Description NL/FR/ES/DE

You can type the description of a selection code in a maximum of five languages. These languages are set in System ➔ General ➔ Settings ➔ General settings under Descriptions in list boxes. In this example, you would type the description in Dutch under Description NL, French under Description FR, Spanish under Description ES and German under Description DE.


Click Save to save all changes made on a selection code.


Click New to create another new selection code.

Click Close to exit.

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