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Creating and maintaining projects - Extra tab

Menu path

Projects ➔ Projects  ➔ Maintain projects


You will see this screen by clicking the Extra tab in a project maintenance screen available via Projects ➔ Projects ➔ Maintain projects. In this tab, you can add pre-defined fields and free fields to the corresponding project.


Item group

Type or select an item group to link this item group to the project. 

Serial number

Type or select the serial number of a fixed asset for the current project. 

Job group

Type or select a job group to link this job group to the project. 

Cost unit

Type or select a cost unit to link this cost unit to the project. 

Texts, Amounts, Yes/No, and Dates sections

You can fill in additional information of the project in the free fields defined. The descriptions of free fields can be changed according to your needs. For detailed instructions on how to customize free fields, see Maintaining free fields

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