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Creating accounts receivable - Contact tab


Menu path

Go to Finance ➔ Accounts receivable ➔ Maintain or CRM ➔ Accounts ➔ Maintain accounts, and then click New or select an account and click Edit.


This document provides the information on how to create several contacts for your debtor. It is advisable to use several contacts if your debtor is a large organization. This allows you to save direct telephone numbers of each contact as well as their personal e-mail addresses or fax numbers. If a particular contact has placed an order, you can link the contact to that order. This way, you will know immediately who to speak to if any changes need to be made.


Contact persons section


Select Active, Inactive, or All to filter and view your contacts according to the specified status. By default, the status is All.


Click this to add a contact person from the debtor’s company.


Click this to modify the details of the existing information of the selected contact person.


Click this to remove a contact from the list of contact persons.

Delete: Contact persons – Doubles

Click this to delete duplicate entries of a contact person.

Update: Contact persons – Initials

Click this to update the initials of the same contact person with the new ones just entered.  

Repair: Contact persons – Gender

Click this to automatically rename the gender of the contact person. The default is always Male. Therefore, when you add a new female contact person with the proper titles (e.g. Mrs or Ms), this function will automatically rename the gender field from Male to Female.

Addresses section

The address(es) displayed in this section is dependent on the person you select under the Contact persons section.


Click this to add a new address type for the contact person of the debtor.

The address types displayed are derived from System ➔ General ➔ CRM ➔ Address types. For more information, see Creating and maintaining address types.


Click this to modify the details of the selected address for the contact person of the debtor. For more information, see Maintaining addresses of account contact person.


Click this to remove the selected address.

Note: The system will not allow you to delete the selected address when it is a main address or when the selected address is in use. A message explaining why an address cannot be deleted is displayed.

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