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Setting up   Process flow
Before you can work with E-Manufacturing, it is necessary to set up your resources such as materials and machines. This can be done by following these steps:   Each software module is built to support a flexible process. This means you can follow or skip certain steps in order to customize the process according to your preferences. The steps below will take you through the manufacturing process from the beginning to the end.  
Overview of Cost Price Calculation scenarios  
Creating and maintaining items  
Maintaining Bill of Materials  
Overview of extra charges  
Overview of items  
Overview of machines  
Maintaining variant structures  
MRP calculation  
Authorizing production orders  
Overview of production and disassembly orders to be completed  
Creating and maintaining the Master Production Schedule  
Creating production orders  
Overview of materials for production orders to be issued  
Creating and maintaining Material Requirements Planning scenarios  
Overview of MRP  
Overview of production orders to be received  
Printing production orders  
Realizing machine hours  
Releasing production orders  
Reports   Related documents
Besides processing the manufacturing transactions, Exact Globe Next is suitable for retrieving management information for reporting purposes. Within E-Manufacturing, you will have the following options:   Exact Globe Next was built to be transparent and easy to use. Below are the  advanced topics on more detailed aspects of the specific business process transactions.
Overview of items (for calculation of production order costs)  
Overview of Master Production Schedules  
Dispatch list  
Generating production orders from production advice  
Generating overview of actual cost  
Generating BOM report  
Overview of pegging  
Overview of production orders  
Generating overview of production waste  
Overview of rejected materials  
Generating production order statistics  
Creating and modifying material issues  
Entering and modifying production receipts  
Displaying overview of rejected materials  
Displaying overview of production waste  
Overview of Exact Visual scheduler  
Logging in to Shop Floor Control via Exact Synergy Enterprise  


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