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Creating and maintaining Material Requirements Planning scenarios

Menu path

Manufacturing ➔ Planning ➔ MRP engine


You can define a material requirements planning (MRP) scenario, run the MRP engine to process the requirements, and generate the advices accordingly in this screen. The MRP engine is used to perform complex MRP calculations in real time. You can then view the results of the material and resources calculation in a pegging report. For more information on the pegging report, see Overview of pegging.

The MRP engine is useful if you want to generate an MRP (production advice/purchase advice/resource planning/hour planning) for a group of specific items, in the least amount of time. If you have many transactions and changes of factors when using the other modules of Exact Globe Next, it may take longer to run the MRP engine. This is because the MRP calculations are based on multiple factors, such as delivery time, batch size, stock, and production lead time. For example, if you want to generate the MRP calculation for a range of items only, you can use the MRP engine to perform a calculation for the specific range of items within a shorter period of time as compared to the time needed to perform a calculation for all items.

With the MRP engine, you can use the scenario settings to plan for a specific item or range of items according to specific planning criteria. The MRP engine allows you to generate the materials requirement planning by taking into consideration additional criteria. You can choose to calculate the plan by taking into consideration requirements from the forecasted orders in the master production schedule (MPS), the labor capacity, and/or machine capacity. For more information on the MPS, see Overview of Master Production Schedules. You can also compare the stock levels with the purchase requirements. For more information, see Creating and maintaining Master Purchase Schedules.

The MRP generated by the MRP engine can be viewed in a production advice for manufactured items, or a purchase advice for a purchased item. For more information on the production advice and purchase advice, see Production advice and Generating purchase orders respectively.

You can also generate the material requirements plan at Manufacturing ? Planning ? MRP. For more details on the MRP, see Overview of MRP. The following are the options available if you generate the MRP using the MRP engine:

Manufacturing ? Planning ? MRP Manufacturing ? Planning ? MRP engine
The MRP overview reflects the current material requirements. The MRP overview captures the material requirements at the point the MRP engine processes the specific planning scenario.
The MRP overview is generated based on the requirements of confirmed orders and requests. The MRP overview can be generated based on the requirements of forecasted orders.
The MRP overview displays the standard items that are required and when it is required. In addition to the MRP overview of standard items, you can also view the production or purchase advice and the labor and/or machine hour planning. The production and purchase advice prompts the user to produce subassembly items or purchase materials that are facing a shortage in stock level.
Planning is generated for the finished product of a bill of material (BOM). Planning is generated for all levels of a BOM.

What version are you using?

The information in this document is applicable to product update 407 and higher. If you have versions lower than this, certain features explained here will not be applicable.

How do I define the material requirements planning scenarios?

  1. In the MRP engine: Scenario screen, click New.
  2. At Scenario: MRP, type or select an existing scenario code.
  3. At Description, type a description for the scenario.
  4. Define other relevant criteria, and then click Process



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