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Realizing machine hours


Machine hours are the activities of machines used in production and is measured in hours. Planned machine capacity can differ from actual machine capacity used. Therefore, the actual machine hours used is realized or processed to reflect the actual cost of production. When you realize or process the machine hours, it allows the consumption of hours to be registered in the system, thus creating a financial entry or realization of the machine hours.

Machine hours can be registered the same way as you register labor hour. It is important to register which machine is used, what activity was performed, when, for how long, and for which production project the machine has been used for. You can manually enter this information at Assets/Entries/Machine hours. Otherwise, machine hours are usually automatically realized when a production order (with machine hours) is issued.

This can be done in the following modules:

  • E-Production in combination with E-Assets, or
  • E-Assets in combination with E-Project



Select a machine to enter the machine hours for the machine.

Note: The machine codes available here must be an asset that exists with an Active status (in Manufacturing/Setup/Machines).


By default, the cost center that is linked to the resource who registered the machine hour is displayed. This cannot be modified.

Realization Date

By default, this is set to today’s date. However, you can type or select a date to realize the machine hour entry. The machine hour entry lines will automatically appear if there are planned machine hours on that date.

Entry Number

By default, the entry number of the machine hour realization is displayed. This cannot be modified.

The descriptions below for Project, Budget, Item description and Journal are displayed by default only if there are machine hours planned for a project. These cannot be modified.


This displays the project that is utilizing the machine. If a resource enters the project code in the entry lines, then the project description will be displayed in the header.


The budget displayed is the total budgeted cost for the project.

Item description

This displays the item code description for the machine hour.  


This displays the financial journal in which the realization is registered. The financial journal used is specified at System/General/Settings, under the General ledger settings at the Journal section under Hours.


This displays the item produced by the machine. The item code will be displayed if there is an output specified in the project details (Projects/Projects/Maintain projects).


This displays the sales order number linked to the project.


This displays the warehouse linked to the project.

Machine hours lines

Type or select the machine hours that needs to be realized and fill in the necessary information under the respective columns when entering the machine hour lines. A list of options appears if you press the F2 key in the Project column, Hour / Item code column, and other columns. From the list, make your selection and click Select.

Note: It is possible that not all columns in this example are displayed. You can add or remove columns as required by clicking Realizing machine hour columns.


Type or select the project that has machine hour items that you want to realize. Press F2 to select the project from a list of projects.

Hour / Item code

Type or select the machine hour item that you want to realize for that project. Press F2 to select the machine hour item from a list of machine hour items created at Manufacturing/Setup/Hours or Project/Items/Hours.


Type the actual duration of the machine hours that you want to realize. Press F2 to calculate the duration of the machine hours.


By default, this column will display the total cost price of the machine hours that you want to realize.

The total quantity and the total amount of the realized hours are displayed below the entry lines.


My Planning

Click My Planning to view the machine planning for the selected machine hour.

My Projects

Click My Projects to view projects, for which the selected machine hour has been planned. By default, only projects with status “Proposed” and “Active” are displayed.


Click Save to process the entered machine hours. In the Print screen, you can choose to print the entries/modifications on a delivery slip. After clicking this, you will see the following:

  • Start  - Click Start to print the entries/modifications. At the same time, a financial entry of the machine hour realization is created.
  • Skip - Click Skip to process the machine hour entry without printing a hardcopy of the entered machine hours.
  • Close - Click Close to exit. The machine hours entered will not been processed.


Click Cancel to exit. There will be no entries or modifications recorded.

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