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Overview of machines

Menu path

Manufacturing ➔ Setup ➔ Machines


You can retrieve an overview of available machines in this screen. From this screen, you can perform various functions with regards to a machine including writing it off, selling it or calculating its depreciation. The E-Fixed Assets module is required in order to create and edit machine entries.


You can filter the machine entries that you want to display. To search for machine entries, you can define one or more of the following criteria and click Search. The machine entries that match the search criteria you have defined are then displayed.


Click this to search for entries based on the defined criteria.


Click this to clear the defined criteria.


Click this to return to the previous list of results.


Click this to display the next list of results.


Type the number of rows to be displayed for each page. If you have set the default number of rows to 10, then 10 rows will be displayed. Therefore, if you have more than 10 rows listed, you will see the Previous and Next buttons.


Select the required option to filter the search that starts with or contains a certain letter or word.

Serial number

Type the serial number to search for the machine with the specified serial number.


Type a full or partial description to search for a machine that matches this description.


Type the item code to search for the machine that is linked to the item code.


Type or select the asset group to search for machines that are linked to this group.


Type a resource ID to search for the machines that are used by the specified resource.


Select the status of the machines to be displayed in the search results. You can select more than one. The following statuses are available: Active, Depreciated, Blocked, Sold, and Inactive.

After defining the search criteria, click Search to display the search results.

Note: It is possible that not all columns are displayed. You can add or delete columns as required. For more information, see Inserting and deleting columns.



Click this to calculate the budgeted asset depreciation. The depreciation value will be calculated according to the selected depreciation method and period.

Write off

Click this to completely write off an asset. See Writing off assets.

Note: This button is enabled when the budgeted depreciation has been generated.


Click this to modify the serial number of an asset.


Click this to sell a machine with an option to write off directly. See Selling assets.

Note: The Sell and Calculate button is enabled only when there is an investment value entered for the machine.


Click this to delete the selected machine entry.


Click this to view or modify the selected machine entry.


Click this to create another machine entry.


Click this to exit.

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