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Creating and modifying material issues


Before production can commence, you need to issue materials to the production floor. This can be done at Manufacturing ➔ Entries ➔ Issue. For more information, see Overview of materials for production orders to be issued. The materials are then withdrawn from the issuing warehouse. If you select a production order and click the Fulfillment button, Exact Globe Next will suggest a delivery plan in the Production screen.

The Production screen displays the items needed for a production order, the planned quantity, and quantity realized. It also suggests the actual quantity to fulfill. You can fulfill the suggested actual quantity or type a different quantity, and specify the serial numbers for serialized items.

Together with these, the Production screen also displays the Operation and Status columns. The operation which is linked to the part item and its status will be displayed. The operation linked to the part item is displayed as "Planned" at the production order entry for the planned items. For finished items or end products, the operation column will be blank and cannot be edited. For extra part items, when you create a new issue or fulfill an existing production order, the Operation column can be edited so that you can select the step operation that is planned by the production order.

Note: The Operation and Status columns are available only it the Operations check box is selected under the Operations section at System ➔ General ➔ Settings ➔ Manufacturing settings.


You can view the information about the material issuance in the Production screen. The list of items displayed includes the raw materials and subassembly items of the production order. If a location is used, you can specify the location of the items you want to fulfill. If you select the Sort by warehouse location check box at Manufacturing ➔ Entries ➔ Issue, the overview of items to be issued and the corresponding picking list by warehouse locations will be displayed by warehouse locations.

You may type the quantity of the items you want to issue for a particular production order in the Actuals column. By default, this column will display the total unit of component item(s) required by the production order. This is obtained through the following formula:

A = M*C

A = Total number of component items required by the production order (Actuals).

M = Number of main item units ordered.

C = Number of component items required for a unit of main item.

Note: The screen will be displayed when you select a production order and then click the Fulfillment button at Manufacturing ➔ Entries ➔ Issue.


Picking List

Click this to print a picking list. This picking list is used to retrieve materials quickly and easily from the warehouse before the materials are delivered to the production floor.


Click this to start processing the materials issuance. After clicking Fulfillment, you will see the Print screen. Click Start to print a delivery note of the material issue. Click Skip or Close to skip the printing process.


Click this to cancel the issuance and to return to the previous screen.

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