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Creating interbranch transfers  

Menu path

Inventory ➔ Warehouse management ➔ Interbranch transfers.


An interbranch transfer is the process of moving inventory from one location to another location within the internal business environment. For example, transfer of inventory from one warehouse to another warehouse. An interbranch transaction is created to record the transaction so that we can keep track of the financial value of the inventory in a certain location.


You can filter the items you want to display. To search for items, you need to define one or more of the following criteria and click Refresh. The items that match the search criteria you have entered are then displayed.

Warehouse section

Issuing warehouse

Select a warehouse from which you want to conduct a transfer of item(s).

Receiving warehouse

Select a receiving warehouse to which you want to transfer the item(s) to. 

Note: Receiving warehouse should be different from the issuing warehouse. 

Range section

Item code

Type or select an item or an item range to be transferred. Select the All checkbox to display all items. 


Select either Sales unit or Purchase unit to process the interbranch transfer transaction using the corresponding unit of measurement.  

Extra section

Reference date

Type or select a date of the interbranch transfer transaction. The items and quantity available will be valid up to the date.

Stock controlled

Stock controlled to display only stock controlled items. Stock controlled items are items that are replenished based on the reorder point (minimum and maximum stock levels) and a recurring period.

After defining the search criteria, click Refresh to display the search results.

Note: It is possible that not all columns are displayed. You can add or delete columns as required. See Inserting and deleting columns



Click this to reflect changes made in the selection criteria.


Click this to create an interbranch transfer transaction without pre-selecting items.

Note: The New button will be replaced by Continue if you select an item.


Click this to create an interbranch transfer transaction from pre-selected items. This button is only enabled when you click on an item. To enable the New button again, click Refresh.


Click this to exit. 

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