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Creating and maintaining items - Extra tab

The screen is displayed when the Extra tab is clicked in the item maintenance screen (go to Inventory ➔ Items ➔ Maintain, click New, or define the search criteria, select an item, and then click Edit). For more information, see Creating and maintaining items. This tab allows you to define any extra information for an item.


Extra section 


Type or select the person that is in charge of this item. By default, the creator of the item is displayed.

Extra charges 

Type or select a rule or an extra charges item to link it to this item.

Note: This is available only if you select the Sales check box in the Attributes: Sales section of the Purchase/Sales tab in the item maintenance screen. For more information, see Creating and maintaining items – Purchase/Sales tab.

Free values section 

Free value 1 and Free value 2

Type any additional numerical information for the item.

Free fields section 

Type any additional information for the item in the defined free fields. For more information, see Maintaining free fields.

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