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Overview of production orders to be received

Menu path

Manufacturing ➔ Entries ➔ Receipts production


You can obtain an overview of printed and issued production orders in this screen. These are ready for receiving. An example of this are items that have been completed by the production floor and are ready to be transferred to a warehouse.


You can also filter the production orders that you want to display. To search for production orders, you can define one or more of the following criteria and click Search. The production orders that match the search criteria you have entered are then displayed.


Click this to search for production orders based on the defined criteria.


Click this to clear the defined criteria.

Number of rows

Type the number of rows to be displayed in each screen. If you have set the default number of rows to 10, then 10 rows will be displayed. Therefore, if you have more than 10 rows listed, the Previous and Next buttons become available.


Click this to return to the previous list of results.


Click this to display the next list of results.


Click the required option to filter the search that starts with or contains a certain letter or word.


Type or select a warehouse to search for all production orders that are linked to the warehouse. If you want to search for orders for all warehouses, select All.

Start date

Type or select a start date or range of start dates to search for all the production orders that begin from the selected start date. Select the All check box to search for production orders for all start dates.

End date

Type or select an end date or range of end dates to search for all the production orders that ends with the selected end date. Select the All check box to search for production orders for all end dates.

Production order

Type or select a production order to search for a specific production order. The production order number is auto-generated when you create a production order and it cannot be modified.

Parent project

Type or select a parent project to search for all suborders, split production orders, or production orders under the selected parent project.

Order type

Select either Production order or Production order: Disassemble to display the respective type of orders.


Type or select an item code of a finished item to search for its production orders.


Type a full or partial description to search for the production orders that matches this description.


Select the required option to display the parent projects or all production orders. Selecting All will also display the child production orders.

Sales order

Type or select the sales order to search for the production order(s) that was created to meet the demand of that particular sales order.

Extra section

Transaction date

Type or select a date to record the actual receipt of a finished product from the production floor. You can backdate a transaction if the actual receipt of the completed order is earlier than the date when the transaction is entered into the system. Type or select the order fulfillment date to process the actual receiving of the completed order when it is delivered from the production floor.

Sort: Items

Select this check box to sort the production orders by the item code of the finished goods.

After defining the search criteria, click Search to display the search results.

Note: It is possible that not all columns are displayed. You can add or delete columns as required. See Inserting and deleting columns.


Print labels

Click this to print the label for parts before receiving the completed finished goods from the production floor. You can also select an appropriate layout. In the Print labels screen, you can select the items to include in your label such as finished goods, items, labor hours or machine hours. Select the required options:

  • None – Select this option to indicate that the finished goods, items, labor hours and machine hours are not to be printed on the label.
  • Quantity planned – Select this option to indicate that the finished goods, items, labor hours and machine hours, and that the planned quantity allowed for the production order must be printed.
  • Other – Select this option to indicate the number of labels that must be printed for each product, items, labor hours, and machine hours. You need to type the number in the box.


Click this to view the selected production order and its related BOM. You can add a new note or view existing notes for the production order or BOM by clicking note.png. Type or edit a note, click Save and then Close to exit.


Click this to attach or view a document. You can attach a document to a production order or its related BOM by clicking attach.png. Type or select a file you want to attach, and then type a description for the attachment. Click Save and then Close to exit.


Click this to display an overview of the available stock for a selected item that has been received and/or to be delivered at a given period of time.


Click this to view the project card of the selected production order. This button is enabled if the project is linked to the selected production order.

Note: This button is available only if you have the E-Project module.


Click this to process the rejection of finished goods and component parts that have been issued to the production floor but are not used in manufacturing the finished goods. These parts may be scrapped due to defects.


Click this to process the receipt of the finished good from the production floor. In the Actuals column, you can define the actual quantity of the product that has been produced and received.


Click this to view or modify an existing production order.


Click this to receive the completed finished goods that are not linked to any production order.

New returns

Click this to return previously received production orders.


Click this to exit.

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