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Creating and maintaining recurring entries

Creating and Maintaining Recurring Entries


With the recurring entries function, you can create templates for recurring entries in the General, Purchase and Sales journal. To create recurring entries, select Finance/Entries/Recurring entries/Enter. A list of all available journals is displayed. Select the journal for which you want to create the recurring entry and click New.


Creating Recurring Entries Template

For the following example, a recurring entry template has been created for the purchase journal. When you have created the template, you can use the template to create recurring entries by using one of the following methods:

Processing entries for Sales, Purchase and General journal on a period basis. See Related documents: Processing recurring entries.

Clicking on the Recurring Entries button for Sales or Purchase journal. This option is explained at Using Recurring Entries Button.

Using Recurring Entries Button

Select Finance/Entries/Purchase or Finance/Entries/Sales to create the recurring entries. As shown in the following screen, click Recurring Entries button to create the required recurring entries.

Note: This button is enabled after you have selected the available dates at the header level of the journal entry.

After clicking Recurring entries, the Recurring entries screen is displayed. The debtor and creditor filters on the top section allow you to filter for a specific debtor/creditor. Otherwise, these filters can be left blank. The Recurring entry lines grid displays transaction details in the journal. Select the required recurring entries from the top section and click Enter.

After clicking Enter, the selected recurring entries are displayed as follows. From the Make purchase entry screen, you can make further modifications if necessary.

Note: For General journal recurring entries, the Recurring entries button is enabled after you have selected the entry number at the header level of the journal entry. This button is disabled when you tab through the sub-line level of the journal entry.

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