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Inventory transactions report

Inventory Transactions Report


You can generate a report of inventory transactions by going to Inventory/Reports/Transactions. Examples of inventory transactions are receipts, fulfillment, stock counts, and returns. The report contains information on financial transactions specific to inventory transactions such as account number, item code, quantity, “Your ref.”, transaction subtype (for example, receipt or delivery), “Our ref.”, transaction date, and debit/credit amount.


You can search for the inventory transactions that you want to display. To search for inventory transactions, you can define one or more of the following criteria and click Search. The inventory transactions that match the defined search criteria are then displayed.


Click Search to search for the inventory transactions based on the defined criteria.


Click Clear to clear the defined criteria.


Type the number of rows to be displayed for each page. If you have set the default number of rows to 10, then 10 rows will be displayed. Therefore, if you have more than 10 rows listed, the Previous and Next buttons will become available.


Click Previous to return to the previous page.


Click Next to display the next page.


Click the required option to filter the search that starts with or contains a certain letter or word.


Type or select a date to display inventory transactions that are created on or after this date.

Unique posting number

Type the unique posting number to display a specific inventory transaction. A unique posting number is assigned to each inventory transaction when it is processed and can be used to search for any particular transaction.


Type or select a resource ID to display the inventory transactions created by the resource.


Type or select a warehouse code to display the inventory transactions linked to the warehouse.


Type a journal number to display the inventory transactions recorded in the journal.

Our ref.

Type the our ref number to display the inventory transaction with the matching number.

Select one or more of the following check boxes to display the inventory transactions with the corresponding subtype(s): Receipt, Fulfillment, Count, Returns : Fulfillment, and/or Returns : Receipts.



Click Print to generate a preview of the inventory transaction report. After you click Print, you will see the Report screen as shown below. You can proceed to print the report by clicking on the Print button at the bottom of the screen.


Click Close to exit.

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