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Performing additional realizations for a project on weekly basis

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During the course of a project, you need to realize or register the actual time and material spent on the project. Realizations refers to the actual time and material spent by a person to perform the planned or unplanned tasks. The time and material may be in the form of hour items or standard items with the Sales attribute. The standard items include expense items such as mileage, car park, and phone bills whereas the hour items are the working hours or labor hour capacity of a person. Depending on the project type, realization of time and material is necessary before they can be invoiced to customers. Besides that, there is a need to account for all the actual costs and be able to compare the budgeted costs with the actual costs.

In this screen, you can perform realizations for a project without specifying a person on a weekly basis. The project or person’s manager can perform realizations on your behalf if the To enter hour realizations for others check box listed in Projects under Functions, in the Rights tab of the security role maintenance screen has been selected.

The realizations require verification and authorization by the project or person’s manager before they can be invoiced. For more information, see Overview of realizations and purchase journal entries to be authorized and How-to: Managing projects.

If the authorized realizations are incorrect, you can still edit the hour items linked to time and material, fixed, or training projects in terms of price and quantity before invoicing the customers. The realizations linked to standard items can be edited for invoicing purposes only if you have selected the Hour entries check box under the Include section of the MRP calculation functionality. After editing, the realizations need to be authorized again. This flexibility allows you to invoice your customers accordingly in case of changes in price and quantity after the realizations have been performed. Once processed, you can view the realizations by selecting the Show: Standard (Items) check box in the Format columns screen.

What version are you using?

The information in this document is applicable to product update 419 and higher. If you have versions lower than this, certain features explained here will not be applicable.

How do I realize the project?

  1. In the Realizations screen, define the relevant fields.
  2. Click Save.

How do I view the planning?

  1. In the Realizations screen, click My planning. For more information on planning, see Overview of people planning and tasks.


How do I view the project card?

  1. In the Realizations screen, click My projects.
  2. Select a project.
  3. Click Project card. For more information on project card, see Viewing project transaction cards.



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