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Overview of Bills of Materials

Menu path

Manufacturing ➔ Setup ➔ BOM


In this screen, you can obtain an overview of Bills of Materials (BOM). A BOM is a list of all parts, subassemblies, raw materials, and their respective quantities needed to assemble the end product (parent) or item (main assembly). The structure of a BOM defines the relationship between a parent and its components. A manufactured item consists of component items such as material, labor hours, and machine hours. The component items are either outsourced (purchased from a third party) or manufactured from a separate list of component items. In this screen, you can also create or maintain existing BOMs.

What version are you using?

The information in this document is based on product update 407 and higher. If you have versions lower than this, certain features explained here will not be applicable.

How do I view the overview of BOMs?

  1. Define the relevant criteria.
  2. Click Search to display the overview.



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