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Creating and maintaining cost units

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System ➔ Finance ➔ Cost centers/units ➔ Cost units


Cost units usually represent products or geographical regions; the expenses incurred for a product or region should be allocated to the corresponding cost unit. A cost unit can also be a sub-division or a group of skilled staff assigned (according to their respective job functions) in a small-scale unit. 


You can filter the cost units that you want to display. To search for cost units, you can define one or more of the following criteria and click Search. The cost units that match the search criteria you have entered are then displayed.


Click this to search for cost units based on the defined criteria.


Click this to clear the defined criteria.


Type the number of rows to be displayed in each screen. If you have set the default number of rows to 10, then 10 rows will be displayed. If more than 10 rows are listed, the Previous and Next buttons become available.


Click this to return to the previous list of results.


Click this to go to the next list of results.


Select the required option to filter the search that starts with or contains a certain letter or word.

Cost unit

Type a cost unit.


Type a full or partial description of the searched cost unit.



Click this to rename the selected cost unit. You can type a new code up to eight alphanumeric characters. If you rename a cost unit that has already been used in a financial transaction, the name of the cost unit in the transaction will change too.


Click this to delete the cost unit. You cannot delete cost units which have been linked to financial transactions.


Click this to view or modify the selected cost unit.


Click this to create a cost unit.


Click this to exit.

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