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Creating and maintaining hour items


Hour items are used throughout various functionalities such as payroll, project, and staff absence administration, as well as MRP planning. In an organization, it is important to allow people to register the realized hours when completing the tasks which have been planned for them. Realization of labor hours is essential in project management as you need to allocate people to perform specific tasks within a specified time frame.

Each item contains its own data and attributes which you can register and maintain in its own maintenance screen. The information of the item is divided into several categories which are presented in different tabs: Basics, Purchase/Sales, Financial, Activity, People, Machines, Document, Analysis, Extra, and Log. When defining a new item, you should at least enter data in the Basics and Extra tabs. Click each tab to fill in or edit the required information. The Basics tab is where most of the static information of the item is recorded and maintained. The other tabs are for viewing and entering information for established items. Once saved, you can view or maintain the item at the menu path listed under the Menu path section. For more information, see Overview of hour items.

Menu paths

  • Projects ➔ Items ➔ Hours
  • Manufacturing ➔ Setup ➔ Hours
  • Service ➔ Items ➔ Hours
  • HR ➔ Planning ➔ Hours
  • Payroll ➔ Components ➔ Hours

Click New to create a new item or Open to maintain an existing one.



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