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Recalculating projects


With the Recalculate functionality, you can recalculate the invoice proposals for the selected project simultaneously when any rates or discounts have been changed. The functionality can be used in the card of a Time & Material or Fixed project.

Note: Recalculation is only applicable for Time & Material and Fixed projects with authorized hour(s).

Menu path

Go to Projects ➔ Projects ➔ Maintain projects, and then click Recalculate.


You can filter the projects that you want to display by defining one or more search criteria and clicking Refresh. The projects that match the defined criteria are then displayed. A list of options appears when you click in the Project, Ordered by, Invoice to, and Project Manager boxes. From the list, make a selection and click Select


Type or select a project or range of projects to display the corresponding project(s). Select All to display all projects.

Ordered by

Type or select an ordered by debtor to display projects linked to this debtor. Leave this blank to display projects linked to any ordered by debtor. For more information, see Selecting ordered by debtor.

Invoice to

Type or select an invoice to debtor to display projects linked to this debtor. Leave this blank to display projects linked to any invoice to debtor.  

Project manager

Type or select a project manager to display projects with this project manager. Leave this blank to display projects with any project manager.


Select the Fixed and/or Time & Material check boxes to search for projects with the corresponding type. You may select more than one.


Select the Proposed, Active, Completed, and/or Blocked check boxes to display projects with the corresponding status. You may select more than one.

After defining the search criteria, click Refresh to display the projects that meet the defined criteria.

Select the check boxes under the Select column of the required projects and then click Recalculate to start recalculating the invoice proposals linked to the projects. To select all projects simultaneously, click Select all. Once clicked, a screen will prompt you to enter a date or range of dates to recalculate the invoice proposal(s) created on or within the date(s). You can also click All to recalculate the invoice proposals created on any date. Then, click OK to continue recalculating the invoice proposals, or Cancel to cancel the recalculation. If you click OK, another message, “Are you sure you want to rebuild all the invoice proposals for this project?” will be displayed. Click Continue to confirm the recalculation process, or Cancel to stop the process.



Click this to refresh the results based on the latest criteria defined.

Select all

Click this to select all projects simultaneously. Once clicked, the button will change to Deselect all.


Click this to confirm recalculating the invoice proposals linked to the selected projects.

Note: This is enabled only when at least one project is selected.


Click this to exit.

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