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Creating and maintaining accounts receivable - Admin. tab

This screen is displayed when you click the Admin. tab at the debtor maintenance screen (go to Finance ➔ Accounts receivable ➔ Maintain or CRM ➔ Accounts ➔ Maintain accounts, and then click New or select an account and click Edit). In this tab, you can create, edit, or delete debtor administrations. It is also possible to backup and restore the database of the company. 



Click this to display the Administration screen where you can attach a new administration to the debtor. Server and Database are mandatory fields in the Administration screen.


Click this to modify the details of the selected debtor administration.


Click this to delete the selected debtor administration.

 Open company

Click this to open the selected company. 


Click this to backup the database of the selected company. For more information, see Creating database backups.


Click this to restore the database of the selected company. For more information, see Restoring database backups.  

Results section

Information such as the server, company, description, and others are displayed.

Note: It is possible that not all the columns in the overview are displayed. You can add or delete columns as required. For more information, see Inserting and deleting columns.  

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