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Setting Up

Setting Up


Process flow

Before you can work with E-Finance, you must set up your administration by:


Each module is built according to a flexible process. You can customize the process according to your preference at:

Creating Accounts Payable


Creating and Maintaining Cost Centers


Creating and Maintaining Cost Units


Creating and Maintaining General Ledger Accounts


Creating and Maintaining Journals 


Creating and Maintaining Recurring Entries

Creating and Maintaining Tax Codes  
Defining Cost Allocation  
Entering Opening Balance  
General Settings  
Overview of Tax Codes  


Changing Transactions


Creating Sources


Creating and Maintaining Bank/Cash Journal


Creating and Maintaining General Journal


Creating and Maintaining Purchase Journal  

Generating Revaluation for General Ledger


Generating Payment Reminder Checklist

Overview of Cash Flow Entries To Be Allocated  
Overview of Journal Entries to be Processed  
Overview of VAT  
Overview of VAT Return  
Processing Cost Allocation  
Processing Journal Entries  
The Invoice List  
The Process of Matching  






Related topics

After processing the financial administration, you can retrieve financial management information. You can select one of the following reports:


Exact Globe was built with the idea of being simple to use and transparent. You can go to other documents related to this module at:

Analytical Accounting


Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement


Creditor Graph - Overview Per Date


Debtor Graph - Overview Per Date


Generating Balance List


Generating Cash Flow Statement


Generating Creditor Aging Analysis Report


Generating Debtor Aging Analysis Report


Generating General Ledger Report


Generating Graph of Financial Results  
Generating Graph of Outstanding Amount from Debtors  
Generating Graph of Outstanding Amount to Creditors  
Generating Interactive Balance  
Generating Payables Report  
Generating Receivables Report  
Overview Historical Account Balances  
Overview of Creditor Master Data/Address List  
Overview of Debtor Master Data/Address List  
Overview of European Union Sales List  
Overview of Importing Account Statements  
Pivot Analysis  
Printing Payment Reminders  
Selecting/Searching Transactions  
Transaction List  


Creating and Modifying Purchase Journal Columns


Displaying and printing the general ledger card


Exporting Audit File


Exporting Financial Statements


Importing Audit File


Matching Entries


Printing Labels for Debtors/Creditors



Viewing Debtor Card


Viewing G/L Cards  



Viewing Graph Summary


Voiding Entries 




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