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Technical manuals Exact Financials - Database migration 7.x to 7.27 ORACLE (Change codepage to UTF-8)

Exact Financials UTF-8 Migration manual

When Exact Financials is updated to 7.25 you also need to change the codepage of your databases. In this manual the databases are named 'exactcs' and 'edis'.
After installing an upgrade you normally start the AppServer. However when updating from a version equal to or lower than 7.24 the Appserver will refuse to start. In the AppServer server log you will find a message like: 'Database 'exactcs' has codepage 'ISO8859-1', it should be 'UTF-8' - quitting to prevent data corruption.'

To resolve this you need to change the codepage of the database from ISO8859-1 to UTF-8. This manual will explain how to achieve this for Progress OpenEdge Database. The codepage should be changed before the regular conversionscripts are run.



Your database administrator should be able to update the collation of the database. For example by the use of the Oracle DMU utility. Alternatively you can export and import all data by use of the Progress Data Administration. This second option will be discussed here.

  1. Make sure a full database backup has been made.
  2. Start the Progress Data Administration.
  3. Connect to the old database schemeholders, located by default in "\\<Install directory Exact Financials>\db".
  4. Dump all data by "Admin: Dump data and Definitions, Table Contents (.d files)...".
  5. Create a new Oracle database with character set AL32UTF8.
  6. Update the environment.
  7. Connect to the new database schemeholder, located by default in "\\<Install directory Exact Financials>\db".
  8. Import all data by "Admin: Load data and Definitions, Table Contents (.d files)...".
  9. You can now execute the required update scripts from "\\<Install directory Exact Financials>\cd\db\mss" or let the system handle this by starting the Appserver, WebSpeed, PASOE or Scheduler.


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