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Connectivity is all about data import in Exact Financials. Data can be imported using data import, EDIS (Exact Data Interface System) direct import using IFALL or web services.

Web Services

Web services can be used for real-time read, write, update or delete of data in the Exact Financials database. There is no direct connection to the database when you are using web services: an application requests an action using web services in which user rights are defined in Exact Financials. This allows a lot more control of you data.


With EDIS you can define the format of your source application's data. The data to be imported can be in the formats CSV, ASCII or XML. EDIS is the translation from the external data to the format which can be imported in Exact Financials. Imports can be started using the task scheduler.

Data import

In the menu [System: Interfacing, Data, Import] you can choose to import data for the modules Finance, Sales, Budget or Project. The data to be imported must be in a csv-format (comma seperated value) as defined by Exact.


IFALL is used when validating the business logic of all data in Exact Financials. If the source data is from a Progress application, a direct interface can be made to IFALL components (and the subsequent validation). An IFALL interface is real-time, interaction between source and target application can be achieved).

Interface with business logic on Appserver

All Exact Financials business logic can be invoked on the AppServer. This document describes how to invoke the business logic from a Progress OpenEdge client with a connection to the AppServer.

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