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Technical manuals Exact Financials 7.27 - Microsoft SQL Server Database (UTF-8)

Configure/Create Microsoft SQL Server databases for Exact Financials

As of version 7.25 of Exact Financials you need to create the databases with a UTF-8 collation.
This chapter describes how to create the Microsoft SQL Server databases for Exact Financials.

  1. From Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio:
    • create a new database 'exactcs' with collation 'Latin1_General_100_CI_AI'
    • create a new database 'edis' with collation 'Latin1_General_100_CI_AI'
    • create a new login with login name 'APPSERVER' and password 'secret'. This login should use SQL Server Authentication.
    • create user mappings for this login to the created databases 'exactcs' and 'edis' with the database roles 'db_ddladmin', 'db_datareader' and 'db_datawriter'
  2. On the application server (Classic AppServer/WebSpeed or PASOE) create two ODBC connections to the above databases:
    • use either the 'SQL Server Native Client 11.0' or the 'SQL Server Native Client 10.0' driver. If these are not available, drivers can be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center.
    • use the created login with SQL Server authentication
  3. When installing Exact Financials, remember to refer to the created ODBC connections when asked for the data source name
  4. By default the installer uses the created login credentials (APPSERVER / secret)
  5. When the Progress OpenEdge Classic Appserver/Webspeed or PASOE is started, the SQL scripts containing the table definitions will be loaded into both databases.

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