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Receiving interbranch transfers

Menu path

Inventory ➔ Entries ➔ Interbranch transfer receipt


An interbranch transfer is created to transfer goods from one warehouse to another. After the interbranch transfer is created, authorized and fulfilled, it is ready for receiving in the destination warehouse.

You can receive an interbranch transfer by going to Inventory ➔ Entries ➔ Interbranch transfer receipt. This function utilizes a transit warehouse to store goods in-between the fulfillment and receiving process. An interbranch transfer receipt can only be carried out after going through the following processes:

  • Create an interbranch transfer from Inventory ➔ Warehouse management ➔ Interbranch transfers
  • Authorized from Inventory ➔ Entries ➔ Authorize (if necessary)
  • Fulfilled from Inventory ➔ Entries ➔ Fulfillment

Note: This function is only available if you select the Use intermediate warehouse check box at System ➔ General ➔ Settings ➔ Inventory settings under the Interbranch transfers section.


You can filter the interbranch transfers that you want to display. To display interbranch transfers, define the relevant criteria and click Refresh. The interbranch transfers that match the defined criteria are then displayed. 

Warehouse section


Select a receiving warehouse to which you want to transfer the item(s) to.

Note: You will see a warehouse in the selection if the access rights to that warehouse have been assigned to you (defined in the Rights tab at Inventory ➔ Warehouse management ➔ Warehouses). For more information on security roles and user rights, see Creating and maintaining roles.

Selection section

Fulfillment date

Type or select a date to display the interbranch transfers that have planned fulfilled dates on or before this date. Select the All check box to display interbranch transfers for all fulfillment dates.

After defining the search criteria, click Refresh to display the search results.

Note: It is possible that not all columns are displayed. You can add or delete columns as required. For more information, see Inserting and deleting columns.



Click Refresh to update the results according to the defined criteria. 


Click Receipts to view the receiving details for the interbranch transfer. After clicking Receipts, you will see the Warehouse transfers screen. To process the interbranch transfer receipt, click Process. Click Cancel to exit without processing the receipt.


Click this to exit. 

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