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Setting Up   Process Flow
There are various settings that have to be completed before sales orders can be created. The following settings are required for sales orders:    Every module in Exact Globe contains a process flow. You can follow or skip various processes depending on your business rules and requirements. The following are the sales order processes: 
General settings  
Exchange rate  
Payment condition  
Tax code  
Invoice codes  
Selection codes  
Reason codes  
Item groups  
Shipping methods  
Price management  
Creating sales orders  
Creating Return to Merchant Authorization (RMA) orders  
Authorizing sales orders  
Confirming sales orders  
Printing picking lists  
Fulfilling sales orders  
Creating shipments  
Printing and processing sales orders  
Reports   Related Topics
After sales orders are created, Exact Globe 2003 generates various types of reports. The following are the types of reports generated:    Exact Globe 2003 was built to be simple and easy to use. Below is a list of explanations for the different aspects of the One-X-Concept, allowing you to understand the importance and meaning of integration, and using a single database.
Sales orders  
Sales statistics  
Debtor statistics  
Delivered sales orders  
Sales orders by date  
Sales order history  
Sales orders to be processed    
Sales orders to be delivered  
Sales order statistics  
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