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Creating and maintaining assortments

Menu paths

You can create and maintain assortments at:

  • InventoryItemsAssortments
  • InvoiceItemsAssortments
  • OrderItemsAssortments
  • POSItemsAssortments
  • PurchaseItemsAssortments
  • SystemGeneralSettings, in Item data settings


You can group items by assortments. Assortments are used to group or categorize different types of items that have certain properties in common. The assortments and the properties are user defined. For example, you can specify Colour as an assortment for a car. You can then define its properties such as Black, Blue, Red, and so on.

Assortments are mainly used as input in other functionalities and for reporting purposes.


The Assortments screen will be displayed when creating and maintaining assortments.

Assortment 1-10

Type a new description or name for the assortment in the respective boxes.

Note: You can only create up to 10 assortments. The maximum number of alphanumeric characters allowed for the description or name of the assortment is 60.

Maintain: Properties

Click maintain2 Maintain: Properties to view the properties of the respective assortments. For more information, see Creating and maintaining properties of assortments.



Click this to save the information.


Click this to exit.

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