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Setting Up   Process flow
Before you can work with E-Purchase it is necessary to set up your administration and master data. This can be done by following these steps:   Each software module is built up to support a flexible process. This means you can follow or skip certain steps in order to customize the process according to your own preferences. The steps below take you through the purchase process from beginning to end.
 Purchase Settings  
 Item Data Settings  
 Maintaining Currencies  
 Maintaining Payment Conditions  
 Creating and Maintaining Tax Codes  
 Maintaining Item Groups  
 Maintaining Invoice Codes  
 Maintaining Selection Codes  
 Maintaining Shipping Methods  
 Maintaining Units  
 Maintaining Items  
 Creating Purchase Orders  
 Authorizing Purchase Orders  
 Printing and Processing Purchase Orders  
 Overview of Purchase Order and RMA Order to be Received  
 Entering Purchase Returns  
 Location Transfers  
 Grouping Purchase Orders  
 Maintaining RTV Orders  
 Maintaining Blanket Purchase Orders  
Reports & Statistics   Extended Scenarios
Besides for processing the purchasing management, Exact Globe is extremely suitable for retrieving (purchase) management information. Within E-Purchase you have the following options of reports and statistics:   Exact Globe was built to be simple and easy to use with total information integration. Below are the options of extended functionalities of E-Purchase:
 Overview of Purchase Orders  
 Overview of RTV Orders  
 Overview of Purchase Statistics  
 Overview of Item Transactions  
 Generating an Overview of Receipts  
 Overview Purchase Orders per Date  
 Overview of Back to Back Order  
 Overview of Purchase History  
 Overview of Prepaid Order List  
 Overview of Suppliers  
 Generating Power View Report for Purchase Orders  
 Generating Purchase Audit Trail  
 Statistics of Purchases Lead Time  
 Statistics of Period  
 Statistics of Creditors  
 Statistics of Items  
 Statistics of Item Groups  
 Statistics of ABC Analysis  
 Generating Purchase Orders  
 Creating Back to Back Orders  
 Handling Back Orders  
 Overview Purchase Order List  
 Selecting and Searching Purchase Orders  
 Overview Goods to be Received  
 Overview of Purchase Receipts and Purchase Invoices to be Reconciled  
 Processing Deferred Cost  
 Overview of Deferred Cost  
 Maintaining Purchase Prices  
 Configuring Purchase Prices  
 Generating Price Lists  
 Creating a Master Purchase Schedule  

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