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Generating Master Resource Schedules (MRS)

Menu paths

  • Go to HR ➔ Planning ➔ MRS, and then click Generate.
  • Go to Payroll ➔ Human resources ➔ MRS, and then click Generate.


In this screen, you can view and generate the information on the Master Resource Schedule (MRS) records for the selected resource.



Type or select the date or date range to display the MRS records on or within the selected date(s).

Note: You can only generate MRS for days within a year where no MRS has been generated before. MRS which has been generated earlier cannot be generated again as the original schedule will remain.



Click this to update the records based on the defined date(s).


Click this to generate the MRS records. A message “This process may take some time. Continue?” will be displayed. Click Yes to continue generating the MRS records or No to cancel the process.


Click this to exit.

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