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Creating and maintaining warehouses

Menu paths

  • To create a warehouse, go to Inventory ➔ Warehouse management ➔ Warehouses, and then click New.
  • To modify an existing warehouse, go to Inventory ➔ Warehouse management ➔ Warehouses, select the warehouse to be modified, and then click Open.


This screen allows you to create and maintain warehouses. You can assign items to the warehouse, define the warehouse address, view purchase and sales orders that are linked to the warehouse, view items that are stored in the warehouse, and modify the serial/batch numbers for the items stored in the warehouse.


Warehouse code

Type a code for the warehouse. This is mandatory.

Note: This field cannot be edited once you have saved the warehouse.


Type a name for the warehouse.   


Select a status for the warehouse such as Active or Blocked. By default, Active is selected.

Drop ship

Select this check box if the warehouse is to be used for drop shipping.

Note: Defining a warehouse for drop shipping can only be done when creating a warehouse entry. Once you have saved the warehouse entry, this check box is disabled.


Assign items

Click this to assign or remove items to or from the warehouse. In the Maintain warehouses – Assign screen, click Assign to assign all the items displayed to the warehouse, Unassign to remove all the items displayed from the warehouse, or Close to exit.

Item transactions

Click this to view the transactions of the item that is stored in the selected warehouse. For more information, see Searching for item transactions.


Click this to create stock counts for the items in the selected warehouse. For more information, see Creating stock counts.


Click this to save the warehouse.


Click this to create a new warehouse.


Click this to exit.

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