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Maintaining item transaction cards

Menu paths

  • Inventory ➔ Items ➔ Cards
  • Purchase ➔ Items ➔ Cards
  • Invoice ➔ Items ➔ Cards
  • Projects ➔ tems ➔ Cards
  • POS ➔ Items ➔ Cards 
  • Order ➔ Items ➔ Cards


You can display the item transaction card in the overview of item cards screen. Examples of item transactions are receiving of goods into a warehouse, and delivery of goods from a warehouse.


You can filter the items you want to display. To search for items, you need to define one or more of the following criteria and click Search. The items that match the defined criteria are then displayed.


Click this to search for items based on the defined criteria.


Click this to clear the defined criteria.


Type the number of rows to be displayed in each screen. If you have set the default number of rows to 10, then 10 rows will be displayed. Therefore, if you have more than 10 rows listed, the Previous and Next buttons will become available.


Click this to return to the previous list of results.


Click this to display the next list of results.


Select a warehouse to display all items that are linked to the warehouse. Select All to display all items.


Click this to display more search criteria. In this example, you will see two assortments which are Hardware and Software. You can define up to 10 assortments at Inventory ➔ Items ➔ Assortments. For more information, see Creating and maintaining assortments.


Select the property assortment for Hardware and Software to display items with these properties. 


Click the required option to filter the search that starts with or contains a certain letter or word.

Item code

Type an item code to display specific items.


Type a description to display items that starts with or contain part of the description.


Select a condition to display items with the Active, Blocked, Discontinued, Future, or Inactive conditions. Select All to display items with any condition.


  • Select All to display both sales and non-sales items.
  • Select Yes to display only sales items.
  • Select No to exclude sales items.


  • Select All to display both purchase and non-purchase items.
  • Select Yes to display only purchase items.
  • Select No to exclude purchase items.


  • Select All to display finished goods, subassembly items and raw materials.
  • Select Yes to display only finished goods/subassembly items.
  • Select No to exclude finished goods/subassembly items.

Active, Blocked, Discontinued, Future, Inactive

Select the Active, Blocked, Discontinued, Future, and/or Inactive check boxes to display items with the corresponding status.

Date filter section


Select a date or a range of dates to display items for that specific date or items that fall within the date range. Alternatively, select All to display items for all dates.

Extra section

Show: Average purchase price

Select this check box to display item transactions with the average purchase price. This button is only available if Valuation method under the Entry section in Inventory settings is set to Standard cost price, Standard cost price (Classic), FIFO, or LIFO.

After defining the search criteria, click Search to display the search results.

Note: It is possible that not all columns are displayed. You can add or delete columns as required. For more information, see Inserting and deleting columns.



Click this to view the item transactions of the selected item.


Click this to view filtering criteria for printing the item transaction card report. Select the required options to print the item transactions that match the filtering criteria. For more information, see Generating an item transactions report from the transaction card.


Click this to exit.

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