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Technical manuals Exact Financials 7.27 - Progress OpenEdge database (UTF-8)

Configure/Create Progress OpenEdge database(s) for Exact Financials

As of version 7.25 of Exact Financials you need to create the databases with a UTF-8 codepage.
This chapter describes how to create the Exact Financials Progress OpenEdge database(s). In the examples below, we start from a database called 'exactcs'. In a standard situation 2 databases need to be created: exactCS and EDIS. Before continuing with this chapter, make sure that the Progress OpenEdge software has been installed. Log in as the Administrator on the Windows-console.

  1. Create a database directory in which the Exact databases should be located. For example, <exact>\db
  2. Start the OpenEdge 'proenv' shortcut and change to the <exact>\db directory
  3. Create the empty databases:
    • prodb exactcs %DLC%\prolang\utf\empty
    • prodb edis %DLC%\prolang\utf\empty
  4. Open te OpenEdge Management Console. As default this is hosted on localhost:9090.
  5. Add the newly created databases by Resources\New\Database. Mind that you need to enter a port which the database is hosted on. This port is used to connect to the database and should be entered during the installation of Exact Financials.
  6. Start Exact Financials
    • the exactcs database schema will be created using '<exact>\cd\database\progress\exactcs.df' in the database with alias or logical name 'exactcs'
    • the edis database schema will be created using '<exact>\cd\database\progress\edis.df' in the database with alias or logical name 'edis'
    • the demo data will be imported into the exactcs database from '<exact>\cd\database\data\exactcs\*.json'
    • the demo data for edis will be imported into the edis database from '<exact>\cd\database\data\edis\*.json' if applicable
To be able to work with Exact Financials the database should be started in multi-user mode. 

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