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You can see this screen by clicking Display in the generating power view report screen (go to Order/Reports/Power view). This screen displays information about specific customer such as the items ordered, total quantity of sales orders, total value of sales orders, and others, that was transacted by the customer. The information is useful to sales personnel as they are able to get an insight into specific customers by viewing the customer’s sales history.

Note: RMA (Return to Merchant Authorization) order and RTV (Return to Vendor) order transactions will not be displayed in the power view report. Only sales order transactions will be displayed.


This screen will be displayed if you have selected By item in Show at Order/Reports/Power view and clicked Display.

Show: Last

Type the number of months, weeks, or days to display the sales history of the item ordered by the debtor during the last months, weeks or days. Select Months, Weeks, or Days to display the sales history of the item ordered during the last few months, weeks or days. For example, if the current date is January 20, 2006, “3” is defined, and Months is selected, the overview will display the sales history of the item for November 2005, December 2005, and January 2006.

If you want to view the sales history of all the items that a debtor has previously ordered, select By customer in Show at Order/Reports/Power view, and click Display. You can also view the power view report at Order/Entries/Sales orders, and click New. In the Sales orders screen, type or select the ordered by debtor in Ordered by (the debtor that you want to view the sales history), select the sales order number that you want to view, and click Power view (the screen above will be displayed). Alternatively, you can select a sales order (sales order of the debtor to be viewed) at Order/Entries/Sales orders, and click Open. In the Sales orders screen, click Power view.

Note: If you click New at Order/Entries/Sales orders, the Power view button is enabled only when the mouse cursor is at the Item column.



Click this to display the sales history of the item based on the latest defined search criteria.


Click Zoom to view the sales history of the item.

Click Back to view the sales history of all the items ordered by the debtor.

Note: The Zoom/Back button is enabled only if you have selected the By customer option in Show at Order/Reports/Power view.


Click this to view the report in Microsoft Excel.


Click this to exit.

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