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Generating graph of projects


You can generate graphs for projects by clicking Graph for a project selected at Projects ➔ Projects ➔ Maintain projects or Projects ➔ Projects ➔ Cards, and in a project card. With Graph, you can generate the graph of the actual revenue and costs of the selected project in Microsoft Excel.

Menu paths 

  • Projects ➔ Projects ➔ Maintain projects
  • Projects ➔ Projects ➔ Cards


Group by

Select Cost center, Resource, or Warehouse to group the data accordingly.


Select Monthly, Period, Quarterly, or Yearly to display a graph with the corresponding scale.


Type or select a date or range of dates to generate a graph for this date or period. Select the All check box to generate a graph for all dates.



Click this to start generating a graph for the selected project.


Click this to exit.

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