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Setting Up   Process Flow
Before you can work with E-Cash Flow it is necessary to set up your administration. This can be done by following these steps:   Each software module is built up to support a flexible process. This means you can follow or skip certain steps in order to customize the process according to your own preferences. The steps below take you through the cash flow process from beginning to end.
System settings  
General settings  
Bank settings  
General ledger settings  
Creating and maintaining journals  
Numbers settings  
Maintaining period-date table  
Maintaining payment conditions  
Maintaining accounts receivable  
Maintaining accounts payable  
Entering opening balance  
Maintaining cash instruments
Entering payment and receipt  
Search for invoices  
Match to invoices  
Interbank transfer  
Book costs  
Collective payment  
Overview of imported bank statements  
Overview of prepayments and transfers  
Overview of payments in transit  
Overview of payment specification  
Overview of created bank files  
Overview of processing payment
Reports   Related documents
Besides processing the financial administration, Exact Globe+ allows retrieval of (cash flow) management information such as:   Exact Globe+ is built to be simple to use and transparent. Below is an explanation of the different aspects of this concept, allowing you to understand the importance and meaning of the One-X- Concept.
Generating balance list  
Generating cash flow statement  
Overview of duplicate bank statements  
Generating graph  
Generating actual cash flow report  
Generating cash flow planning report  
Overview of bank transactions  
Overview of bank statements  
The payment advice list  



Creating and Maintaining Exchange Rates  
Creating and Maintaining Currencies  
Generating Revaluation for General Ledger  


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