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Creating and maintaining accounts payable

Menu paths

  • CRM ➔ Accounts ➔ Maintain accounts
  • Finance ➔ Accounts payable ➔ Maintain 


This screen allows you to create or modify entries for creditors. Before you create and process the daily financial transactions of your company, you should create the required accounts payable. Accounts payable lets you enter the detailed information of your creditor. Whenever there are transactions linked to a creditor, you can display the related transactions from the accounts payable.

How do I create an account payable?

  1. In the Maintain accounts screen, click New.
  2. In the Accounts screen, select Suspect, Reseller, Supplier, or Associate.
  3. Define the required fields, and click Save.

Keep in mind:

  • All fields with the “!” icon are mandatory.
  • There are eight tabs in the Accounts - Creditors - Advanced screen.
  • Click Advanced to define more boxes and view more tabs.
  • Click Simple to define only certain boxes and view less tabs.

Note: This button is enabled only after you have saved the creditor’s details.

How do I edit an account payable?

  1. In the Maintain accounts screen, define the relevant criteria.
  2. Click Search to display the list of accounts based on the defined criteria. 
  3. Select the required account payable and click Open.
  4. In the selected account payable screen, make the changes.
  5. Click Save.



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