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Creating and maintaining units

Creating and Maintaining Units


It is possible to create and maintain units by going to System ➔ Logistics ➔ Units in Exact Globe. Click New if you want to create new units or click Open to maintain an existing unit. You can use these units to maintain your items in Inventory ➔ Items ➔ Maintain. Units are the measurement for the items you sell, purchase, produce, or use. It could be grams, hours, boxes, items or others.

Menu path 

System ➔ Logistics ➔ Units


Type the new unit. You cannot edit an existing unit.

Select the measurement type of the new unit. Four options are available which include Length, Other, Time and Weight. You cannot edit the measurement type of an existing unit.

Select the Active check box to use the unit in your administration. To deactivate a unit, select it, then click Open and clear the Active check box.


Click Save to save the changes made to the active/inactive status of an existing unit or to save a newly created unit.

Click New to create another new unit.

Click Close to exit.

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