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Overview of prepayments for purchase order condition

Menu path

Go to Purchase ➔ Entries ➔ Purchase orders and click Open. In the purchase order entry screen, click Conditions, and then click Prepayment.


This screen displays prepayment terms (purchase invoices or cash receipts) under the Prepayment terms section and the actual  payment made from the cash instrument under the Bank/Cash section.


You can filter the prepayment terms that you want to display by defining the search criteria.


Select Unlinked to display only unlinked prepayment terms or select All to display unlinked and linked prepayment terms.

Exclude: Balanced

Select this check box to display only unbalanced (overpaid or underpaid) terms. Clear this check box to display the balanced and unbalanced terms. This is available only if All is selected at Show.


Click this to display the Account and Order number boxes.


This is disabled. It displays the account that you have selected at Cash flow ➔ Payments ➔ Prepayments & transfers.

Order number

Type an order number and click Search to display the purchase order for that specific order number.



Click this to update and display the results according to the defined criteria.


Click this to create a prepayment. For more information, see Creating prepayments for purchase order conditions.


Click this to view details of the selected prepayment term.    


Click this to delete the selected prepayment term.


Click this to link the purchase invoice prepayment term to the prepayment made from the bank/cash instrument. Once the prepayment term has been linked to the payment made, it will be removed from the screen.


Click this to unlink the prepayment terms from the payment made.

Note: The Unlink button is displayed only if you select All at Show.


Click this to exit.

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