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Changing delivery details of orders or requests

Menu path

Right-click an order or request in the overview of MRP and select Change at the context box or click the Change button.


In this screen, you can change the delivery details of the corresponding order or request. For more information, see Overview of MRP


Fulfillment date

Type or select a new fulfillment date for the corresponding order line or request. By default, the current date is displayed.

Reset: Confirm

Select this check box to confirm changing the fulfillment date and reprint the order confirmation.


Type or select a resource to be linked to the corresponding order line or request.

Partial delivery allowed

Select Yes to allow partial delivery of the corresponding order or request or No to disallow partial delivery. Select N/A to follow the existing partial delivery condition. By default, N/A is selected.

Shipping via

Type or select a shipping method for the new fulfillment.



Click this to save the changes.


Click this to exit.

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