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Overview of cash flow entries to be allocated


This overview allows you to display allocated or unallocated cash flow entries by using the available search criteria. You can edit the bank statements in order to allocate them to the relevant debtor or creditor and match them with the correct invoice(s).

Menu Path

Cash flow ➔ Entries ➔ To be allocated


The total amount of incoming and outgoing cash flow will be displayed right after the listings. In addition, the balance of your bank statements and the number of lines resulting in this balance are displayed. This information is always displayed in the default currency of the administration.


Type or select the date range to display the bank statements created within the specified date. Select the All check box to display the bank statements created in any dates.


Select the Unallocated check box to display all bank statements that have not been allocated and/or select the Allocated check box to display all allocated bank statements.


Select Transactions or Statements to display the bank statements accordingly.

Note: When you select Statements, transactions are grouped by statement number per cash instrument. Once you select Statements, the Opening balance/Closing balance check box is available. Select this check box to display the opening and closing balance columns in listing.

Own bank account

Type or select a bank account from the available options that you have created at cash instrument maintenance. The listing will display by a specific bank account when selected. For more information, see Creating and maintaining cash instrument.


Select one of the following statement types:

  • All
  • Bank statement
  • Cash
  • Credit card
  • Office


Type or select the statement number for the bank account.

From/to bank account

Type a bank account which the cash flow is allocated from or to.

Pay. ref.

Type the payment reference number of a bank statement.


Type or select the required account to display entries for a specific debtor or creditor.



Click this to display bank statements based on the defined criteria.

Deposit ticket

Click this to go to the Deposit ticket report screen. For more information, see Deposit ticket report.


Click this to view the entries of the selected statement. This button is enabled when Statements is selected at View. This button changes to Back when you zoom to the specific statement.


Click this to delete the selected statement or transaction.


Click this to edit the selected statement. You can also fill in additional information or allocate payments or receipts to the respective invoice(s).

Note: When multiple entries are selected, and this button is clicked, the Allocate/Book costs screen will be displayed. Under the Allocation section, you can specify a debtor or creditor for the selected payments or receipts. Under the Matching & Processing section, you can specify the information for booking purposes at G/L, Tax, Project, Cost center, and/or Cost unit. This is similar to the functions when you click Book cost at cash flow entry. For more information, see Booking of costs.


Click this to exit.

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