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Creating and maintaining production orders - Production order lines section - Operations tab

This screen is displayed when New or Open is clicked at Manufacturing ➔ Entries ➔ Production orders.


This tab stores information about the operations required for a BOM. Operations are groups of steps where people and materials are handled according to operation instructions and drawing data. Each entry represents an operation in producing the item while each operation determines the sequence of steps to take in producing the end product. The default operations are indicated in the BOM of the individual item. There are several actions that can be performed with regards to the operations.

Note: This tab is enabled only if you select the Operations check box in the Operations section under Manufacturing settings at System ➔ General ➔ Settings.


Click this to add a new operation.


Click this to edit the existing operation components.


Click this to remove the operation.


Click this to recode the operation step.


Click this to edit the existing operation properties.


Click this to select items to be outsourced.

 Operations control

Click this to maintain the operation status of the production order. For more information, see Maintaining operations control.

Note: This is enabled when the production order has been released.


You will see the following buttons when you click Add, Edit, or when you double-click on an operation step.


Click this to see the previous operation step.


Click this to see the next operation step.


Click this to close.

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