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Setting Up   Project Management
The following are the setup procedures for the use of E-Projects. These settings are important to ensure that projects are managed according to your current environment.   In general, project management involves the planning, monitoring, and controlling of all aspects of a project in an attempt to achieve the objectives on time and to the specified cost, quality, and performance. These are the common strategies applied by companies. Although the projects and the content can be very specific per company, the overall project management needs are quite standard.
Document Settings  
Item Data Settings  
Creating and Maintaining Public Holidays  
General Ledger Settings  
Project Settings  
Creating and Maintaining Hour Items  
Creating and Maintaining Items  
Generating Master Resource Schedule (MRS)  
Creating and Maintaining Projects  
Creating Project Orders  
Creating Multiple Project Orders  
How-to: Maintaining Projects  
Entering Budgets  
Creating and Maintaining Tasks  
Overview of Resource Planning and Tasks  
Performing Realizations for a Resource on Daily Basis  
Performing Realizations for a Cost Center on Weekly Basis  
Performing Additional Realizations for a Project on Weekly Basis  
Overview of Realizations and Purchase Journal Entries to be Authorized  
Generating Invoice Proposals  
Processing Journal Entries  
Authorizing Invoices  
Printing and processing invoices  
Auto Completing Projects  
Completing a Project or Project Order  
Management Information   Related documents
Reports and statistics are important management information as they can provide a summary of information, which is customizable according to the needs of your company. With E-Projects, it is possible to generate various overviews and reports to facilitate and improve project management. These overviews and reports are useful as you can monitor every area of your projects for a better decision-making process.   The following documents are related to the documents listed under the Setting Up, Project Management, and Management Information.
Generating Report on Project Productivity  
Generating WIP Reports  
Generating Report on Project Results  
Project Balance List  
Generating Report on Hour Entries  
Generating Project Transaction Reports  
Generating Reports on Overdue Projects  
Viewing Project Transaction Cards  


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