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Outsourcing production orders

Menu path

Go to Manufacturing ➔ Entries ➔ Production orders, select a production order, click Open followed by Outsource.


The Outsource function can be used when an organization needs to outsource part of a production work to a supplier due to internal capacity limitation.

The prerequisites for outsourcing to be possible are:

  • Ensuring an outsource supplier is already created.
  • Ensuring a non-existent warehouse is created for use by the outsource supplier. This is to simulate the outsourcing order as a transfer with the supplier’s warehouse.
  • Ensuring that the appropriate hour and/or product items are created and set the appropriate supplier as the supplier for the item (by specifying it in the Purchase/Sales tab of the item card).
  • Ensuring that the outsource items can be stored in the non-existent warehouse (by specifying it in the Inventory tab of the item card).
  • Ensuring the item(s) is in the bill of material (BOM).
  • Creating, authorizing and processing a purchase order to purchase the labor hour from the supplier. This can be done by clicking Purchase in the relevant production order.


Operations section

This section shows the labor hours to be outsourced to the supplier.

Material section

This section shows the items to be outsourced to the supplier. Double-click a row to select or deselect an item for outsource.

Include: Stock controlled

Select this check box to show stock controlled items as well.

Create: Transfer

Select this check box to create an interbranch transfer (IBT) request for the selected items.

Receiving warehouse

Specify the relevant warehouse where the items will be transferred to, which, in this case, should be the supplier’s non-existent warehouse.

Receiving location

Type or select the relevant receiving location for the warehouse selected in Receiving warehouse.

Note: This is available only if the Warehouse locations option is selected at System ➔ General ➔ Settings under Fulfillment section in Inventory settings.

Transaction date

Specify a date the IBT is planned for.



Click this to select the highlighted item under the Material section for outsource.

Deselect all

Click this to deselect all items under the Material section.


Click this to confirm the outsourcing process.


Click this to exit.

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