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How-to: Running Exact.Jobs.SysLogTool background job


The Exact.Jobs.SysLogTool background job is responsible for truncating the log entries that are made while using Exact Synergy Enterprise. Every action from every user results in log entries being made in the database. Over time, this can result in a huge database where a large amount of the size is due to log entries from several years ago. To prevent this, Exact Synergy Enterprise has created Exact.Jobs.SysLogTool to reduce the size of the database by deleting old log entries. Apart from cleaning up old log entries, which can be viewed at Modules ? System ? Reports ? Log ? Processes, the background job also updates the overviews of page views for documents and applications. These overviews for people, applications, hours, and history can be found at Modules ? System ? Reports ? Page views.

Technical information 

The following tables are involved when running Exact.Jobs.SysLogTool:

  • BacoProcessLog
  • BacoAppLogDays
  • BacoAppLogHours
  • BacoAppLogApps
  • BacoAppLog
  • BacoErrorLog
  • EbcDataLog
  • CompanyLogs
  • HRErrorLog
  • XMLEvents

Every action in Exact Synergy Enterprise results in a log entry made in the database. Exact.Jobs.SysLogTool helps to keep the size of the database small by truncating these log entries based on the Log truncate settings in Exact Synergy Enterprise. The settings must be configured before this background job can be called upon. For more information, see Configuring settings for truncating log files.  

The Exact.Jobs.SysLogTool background job checks for all log entries on the day these entries are created. If the entries created have passed the number of days set in Exact Synergy Enterprise, the entries will be deleted from the table. When this job is executed, the DELETE statement is executed on the SQL server on the BacoAppLog table. By default, the connection timeout to execute this job is set to 20 seconds. You can define a longer timeout period for a huge log table or when there is a significant time lapse since the job was last executed.


The Exact.Jobs.SysLogTool background job supports the following parameter. The command line parameter is case-sensitive.

This refers to Connection Timeout in seconds. If the parameter T is not specified, the default connection timeout is 20 seconds.


The command line for Exact.Jobs.SysLogTool requires only the mandatory and standard parameters.

In this example, assume that Exact Synergy Enterprise is installed in the folder E:\Program Files\Exact Software\Exact Synergy Enterprise. The database server name is "SYNServer", the name of the database is "SynergyNET", and the virtual directory is also named "SynergyNET".

The syntax will be as follows:

Exact.Process.exe /DBCONFIG:<virtualdirectory> /ASSEMBLY:<bgJob Assembly> /CLASS:<bgJob Class> /T:<time>

This results in the following:

E:\Program Files\Exact Software\Exact Synergy Enterprise\bin\Exact.Process.exe /DBCONFIG:SynergyNET /ASSEMBLY:Exact.Jobs.SysLogTool /CLASS:SysLogTool /T:600


Query Timeout = -1

This error message is displayed in the log if a query timeout error has occurred. The SQL server needs to reorganize the indexes on the table while records are being deleted. Due to this, a longer timeout period may be needed. Define a longer timeout period using the /T parameter to solve this issue.

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