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Importing daily exchange rates

Menu path

Go to Financial ? Setup ? General ? Currencies, and then click Import: XRate.


On this page, you can import the daily exchange rates against the default currency in the CSV format and view the import results.


To create the daily exchange rates CSV file in Microsoft Excel, you should follow the format as shown in the following:

The first column displays the targeted currency codes, the second column displays the currency description, and the third column displays the exchange rates of the targeted currencies against the default currency on a particular day.

Roles & rights

To import the daily exchange rates, function rights 391 – XML Upload: Currency exchange rate and 500 – XML Upload: Currency are required. By default, users with the General manager, Controller, XML Administrator, and XML User roles have these function rights.


  • For more details on function rights, go to Modules ? System ? Setup ? Security ? Function rights.
  • For more details on roles, go to Modules ? System ? Setup ? Security ? Roles.

What version are you using?

The information in this document is applicable to product update 257 and higher. If you have versions lower than this, certain features explained here will not be applicable.

How do I import exchange rates?

  1. On the Financial: Import exchange rates page, define the fields under the Data section.
  2. Click Import.
  3. The results of the import will then be displayed on the page. By default, there will be two rows displayed for the exchange rates and currencies that have been created, updated, or rejected.



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