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There are several ways of exchanging data from Exact Globe to Exact Synergy Enterprise. One of the methods includes a direct database link via a background job. Compared to an XML exchange, this job will give you improved performance and basic financial checks. However, you need to ensure that the master data between the source system (Exact Globe) and the target system (Exact Synergy Enterprise) is in sync. Via this background process, financial transactions and related documents are exchanged.

This document will describe how to set up the background process for replicating data from Exact Globe to your central Exact Synergy Enterprise database.

Technical information 

The following tables are involved when running the background exchange of data:

  • Financial transactions
  • Related documents

To keep each of the database in sync with the other, a timestamp is stored in both the database, indicating the last moment of data exchange. With every run of the background job, this timestamp will be updated. During replication, only records which have been modified after this timestamp will be exchanged.

The old syntax is as follows:

E:\Program Files\Exact Software\Exact e-Synergy\bin\BacoReplicator2.exe /S:ServerName /D:DatabaseName /C:CompanyCode

The new syntax is as follows:

Exact.Process.exe /DBCONFIG:<virtualdirectory> /ASSEMBLY:<bgJob Assembly> /CLASS:<bgJob Class>

This results in:

E:\Program Files\Exact Software\Exact e-Synergy\bin\Exact.Process.exe /DBCONFIG:SynergyNET /ASSEMBLY:Exact.Jobs.FinExchange /CLASS:FinExchange


The FinExchange background process supports the following parameters. The command line parameters are case sensitive.

Lists the division to use for the data exchange. For multiple divisions, a comma is used to separate the list. This parameter is mandatory.

E:\Synergy\bin\Exact.Process.exe /DBCONFIG:Synergy /ASSEMBLY:Exact.Jobs.FinExchange /CLASS:FinExchange /C:001,125


Via this parameter, you can indicate whether financial budgets need to be replicated as well. With the value 0, budgets will not be replicated. With the value 1, which is the default value, budgets are replicated. This parameter is not mandatory.

E:\Synergy\bin\Exact.Process.exe /DBCONFIG:Synergy /ASSEMBLY:Exact.Jobs.FinExchange /CLASS:FinExchange /B:1


With this option, it is possible to reimport a previously import period. The syntax will be "year-period". As an example, /R:2007-2; reimports the data for financial period 2 for 2007. This parameter is not mandatory.


Via this parameter, it is possible to export one single financial entry, based on the entry GUID. This parameter is not mandatory.



Indicates the budget scenario to be used for replication. This parameter is not mandatory.


This shows the background job for exchanging the financial data for 2007, period 10 for division 150, without exchanging budget transactions:


"<Installation directory>\bin\Exact.Process.exe" /DBCONFIG:<database virtualdirectory entry db.config> /ASSEMBLY:Exact.Jobs.FinExchange/CLASS:FinExchange /R:2007-10 /C:150 /B:0


Syntax example:

"C:\Program Files\Exact Software\SYNNET\bin\Exact.Process.exe" /DBCONFIG:SYNNET390 /ASSEMBLY:Exact.Jobs.FinExchange /CLASS:FinExchange /R:2007-10 /C:150 /B:0


The process log in Exact Synergy Enterprise shows that the background job did run for a specific company. However, no data was exchanged.

As explained earlier, the data exchange takes place based on timestamps. It is possible that the timestamps in the different database are not in sync. This can be checked via the following query on both the database:

Select * from BacoSettings where SettingGroup = "100" and SettingName = "ImportTimestamp_synergy"

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