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Exact Synergy   

Exact Synergy and the background applications



With every installation of Exact Synergy there are a number of background jobs scheduled that perform specific tasks on the database. These background jobs run with parameters and can be scheduled via either the Microsoft SQL Server Agent or via Windows Task Scheduler. Exact Synergy must be installed in the server running the background jobs. The background jobs in Exact Synergy must be run on a 32-bit server.  

This document is a startpage from which you can access documents describing the various background jobs that are included in Exact Synergy.

  • A Windows NT user that is part of the Administrator group should also be present in Synergy. This user will be responsible for running the background jobs; because some background jobs will interact with the domain controller, the Exchange server and of course with Synergy the user needs enough rights on NT level and in Synergy (administrator role).
    The NT user name should be equal to the user id in Synergy.
  • The SQL Agent service or the Windows task scheduler is used to run the background jobs. The service or task should be started by the user described above. It is necessary to provide the Synergy user id and password when setting-up the background jobs schedules so that the background jobs can be executed without requiring the user running the background job to log in to Synergy,  read more .
  • The user starting up the jobs (starting up the SQL server agent service ) should have an Outlook Express profile. Although outlook is not used for sending out mail it is important to create this profile, the information entered is not important. It is important to be logged on as the user that starts the background jobs when creating the profile.
  • Each background job has two mandatory parameters:

/S:<database server name> - this parameter indicates the server on which the database is located

/D:<database name> - this parameter indicates the name of the database for which the job is scheduled.

Note: Using a database name in separated words (eg: Synergy database instead of Synergydatabase), you have to make sure that the database name is placed between double quotation marks (eg:"Synergy database")

After setting up the background jobs they should be tested. The first check is to start the jobs one by one and watch the job history of the SQL Server agent. The second, most important check is to verify in Synergy whether no errors were produced during the running of the jobs.
To this end go to the [System\Reports\Processes] menu. Here you can check whether the jobs have run properly.


BacoImporter.exe LogHandler.exe ExactFullText.exe
RPExcelImport.exe BLCustomerStatus.exe SynergyExchange.exe
BDScheduler.exe CRMRating.exe CompressItemAttachments.exe
HRMail.exe BLProcess.exe BacoprocessRatios.exe
HrBgJobs.exe HrBgProj.exe ErrorLogChecker.exe
RPFinancialCheck.exe BacoReplicator2.exe Scan2Exact.exe

There are two Background applications that can only be used in the Active Service Provider (ASP) scenario. The ASP scenario means that there is one central Synergy database, in this database customers are defined and for these customers individual Globe and/or Synergy databases are specified. The jobs read out the central databases and run specific jobs on all the customer databases that are defined here.



Basic functions

  • Validates all imported financial data

Information: 00.808.843


Basic functions

  • Imports financial transactions or budget entries from Excel sheets

Information: 00.811.395


Basic functions

  • Deletes obsolete pictures
  • Updates document statistics
  • Deletes expired documents
  • Activates new document versions

Information: 00.809.026


Basic functions

  • Perform mail merges based on resources/accounts/requests selected in the HRM/CRM/Workflow search results
  • Generate Excel files of resources/accounts/workflow/financial data
  • Update marketing related CRM data

Information: 00.808.509


Basic functions

  • Updates resource statuses, financial components and item details based on the start date and exit date of resources. Hint: It is recommended to use a unique user id when running this background process so that changes made by the background process can be identified separately from changes made by normal users;
  • Create/delete Windows NT user accounts;
  • Create Microsoft Exchange mailboxes;
  • Update the 'resource absences'. This will indicate whether the resource is in the office for that day or not;
  • Close the HR periods for divisions which have been selected for automatic closing.

Information: 00.811.695


Basic functions

  • Retrieve item attachments from Exact Synergy, compress them, and store the compressed versions in Exact Synergy;
  • Retrieve file-version information from files stored in the item attachments in Exact Synergy, and store this file version back in Exact Synergy.

Information: 00.800.873


Basic functions

  • Validates and checks account statuses (non-validated, prospects and customers) based on sales forecasts and contracts.

Information: 00.810.575


Basic functions

  • Evaluates accounts based on their contract value (for customers and resellers only)

Information: 00.811.476


Basic functions

  • Validates and executes all contract related processes.

Information: 00.810.670

HrBgProj.exe (not in use anymore since batch 285)

Basic functions

  • Updates project statuses based on a set of rules
  • Adds members to the projects

Information: 00.933.725


Basic functions

  • Replicates financial data from various Exact back office applications to Exact Synergy

Information: 11.044.849

ExactFullText.exe (recommended)

Basic functions

  • Indexes documents and requests for full text search

Information: 01.029.515


Basic functions

  • Synchronization of calendar between Exact Synergy and Exchange 2000/2003

Information: 08.904.534


Basic functions

  • Compare financial data between Exact Synergy and the back office administration

Information: 08.534.181



Basic functions

  • Truncates log tables older than a certain amount of days
  • Updates the information in the Page views: History report

Information: 01.694.212



Basic functions

  • Recalculates indicator values after 'Closing Financial Periods' only

Information: 00.810.877


From batch 280 the financial indicators are now calculated real time. If this job is still scheduled and running on a server, it can be removed after installation of batch 280. Please read document 01.549.805 for more information.



Basic functions

  • Check 'Out of Memory' errors

Information: 03.533.823



Basic functions

  • Upload scanned documents into Exact Synergy

Information: 02.079.326



Basic functions

  • Runs the background job for all the customer databases

Information: 01.071.044


Basic functions

  • Updates all databases, defined in Exact Synergy CRM, from the central database
  • Updates all licenses

Information: 01.071.044

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